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Travel is the change in location of people on a trip through the means of transport from one location to another. Travel is most commonly for recreation (as part of tourism or to visit friends and family), for business or for commuting; but may be for numerous other reasons, such as migration, fleeing war, etc. Travel may occur by walking or human-powered mode, or through mechanical vehicles, either as private or public transport.[citation needed]
Travel may be local, regional, national or
international. In some countries, non-local internal travel may require an internal passport, while international travel typically requires a passport and visa.
The word originates from the
Middle English word travailen ("to toil"), which comes from the Anglo-French word travailler ("travail")[1]. A person who travels is called a traveler (US) or traveller (UK).

Backpacking (travel)
Business trip
Cultural Exchange
Disabled tourism
Hostel travel
Hypermobility (travel)
Space travel
Travel 2.0
Travel advisory
Travel agency
Volunteer vacation

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